Discover the Art of Floorplay

Discover the Art of Floorplay

Discover the Art of Floorplay

Live in that feeling place

You know that feeling when you're relaxed and alive at the same time? Ready for anything but nothing has to be done. All's right with the world because it's the world inside you. That's the place my rugs take you. Meet you there.

Custom Art Rugs

Click a collection to see pretty rugs that will turn your house into a home. I've got four categories of art rugs (painterly, graphic, illustrative and solids) plus your own branded rugs and special animal rugs you gotta check out (can be custom art with your own pet!).

All rugs are custom made to order, just for you. Get an oversized sample first so you know it looks great in your space. Details are on product pages.

From My Home to Yours

Lounge, snooze, read, dream, play...

Original pillows to continue your floorplay. Ready to spread joy in their adventures with you. It's about honoring objects that make our lives more beautiful, happier and better functioning.

Chic, comfy


Get original throw pillows with removable inserts to brighten every room in your home.

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