Want a Magical Home?

Catering to You: Do you like to take your shoes off at home? If so, you'll love feeling my rugs under your feet. Are you a color fanatic? Love neutrals? Feel embraced by warm earth tones? What's your jam? I can create a rug that speaks to the way you want to feel in your own space.

Custom-Made: All rugs are custom made just for you. This site shows current collections. If you've got an original idea in mind, we can create a special project and make it come to life.

Animal Rugs: My specialty is custom-designed animal rugs, made to honor your favorite companion while also adding style and comfort to your home. These can also be made as wall hangings (nice loops on the back positioned to hold the weight) and art to use in many ways. Tell me about the unique traits of your beloved pet.

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